Friday, July 2, 2010

YOUNG AND hermit crab

One time in the afternoon that feels shady, looks a young hermit was meditating under a tree, not far from the riverside.
We're concentrating on focusing the mind, suddenly split hermit attention when listening to the gurgling water sounds irregular.
Slowly, she opened her eyes. The sage immediately looked toward the river bank where the source of the sound had come.
Apparently, there appeared a crab who is trying hard to mobilize all abilities to reach the banks of the river so that it does not float by a rushing stream.
Seeing this, the hermit felt sorry. Therefore, he immediately reached out his hand toward the crab to help him.
See the outstretched hand, fingers deftly pinning the hermit crabs young.
Although wounded by pinching his fingers claw crabs, hermit hearts content but because it can save the crabs.
Later, he resumed his retreat. Not long ago, cross-legged and began to close her eyes, heard again the sound of the same sound from the direction of the river bank.
It turned out that the crab had experienced the same event.
So, the young hermit again extended his hand and let his fingers dicapit by crabs for help.
Finish assist for the second time, apparently drifted crab again.
Thus, the hermit to help him return so that more and more swollen finger pinching crab claws.
See it, there was an old man who later came over and reprimanded the young recluse, "Young man, you done to help is a good reflection of your heart.
But why for the sake of helping a crab claw crab hurt you allow up to tear like that? "
"Uncle, a crab claws are used for holding objects. And I was training to develop compassion.
So, I did not make it hurt as long as your fingers can help the lives of other creatures, even though it was just a crab, "replied the young ascetic with satisfaction because the attitude of compassion has been training well. Hearing the young recluse, then the old man picked up a twig.
He then stretched out toward the crab sticks that looked back against the flow of rivers.
Immediately, the crab with the claws that catch the twig.
"Look laddie. Exercising develop an attitude of compassion is good, but must be accompanied by wisdom.
If our purpose well, namely to help other beings, not not have a way to sacrifice yourself. Twigs can also be utilized, right? "
Instantly, the boy realized. "Thank you, Uncle. Today I learned something.
* Develop a love should be accompanied by wisdom. **
* In later days, I will always remember the wisdom of Uncle taught. "
Dear Readers, Have mercy of nature, like watching and helping others is a noble deed, whether the attention we give to our children, parents, relatives, friends, or to anyone. But, if we are wrong ways, often by the attention or assistance that we give rather than solve the problem, but it backfired.
We previously did not know anything and was merely intended to help, it had to bear the burden and unnecessary losses. Therefore, the existence of good intentions and actions, should be provided in a timely manner and wise. That way, it will help not only will have a positive impact for those who helped, but at the same time happy and bring good for us which also helped.

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