Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tips to Get Jobs

Students who recently graduated and destitute should be looking for work indeed ingenious. This is a true story about a student who just graduated, and managed to get a prestigious job with a decent salary in a leading government agencies.

Erwin Just mention his name (not her real name). As a student, he never imagined could work in government agencies and sit comfortably in a chair, air-conditioned office and often out of town department with the facility to stay in star hotels.

When asked his friend how to get a job, but applicants must have a lot of job positions, Erwin also explains tips and tricks, "If you see a job stuck on campus, immediately take off and secure, then certainly we are seeing only the vacancy and we can apply without a rival, so we must have received an application. "

Well, aja Pantes received work, his rival is not no hell. (Alf)

Maulana Abdulmalik Israel: Jewish Land of Islam Spreader Java

Jewish. One word that became a curse for Muslim conspiracy, not just fundamentalists, but also a traditionalist. Any culture that is seen as something that undermined the Islamic tradition is always associated with efforts to weaken the faith of Jews in Muslim society. Similarly, Martin Van Bruinessen said in a speech delivered at the Institute of Interfaith Dialog (DIAN), Yogyakarta in 1993.
However, we know that there is an ethnic Jew born in Andalusia in the fifteenth century AD is one of the spreaders of Islam in Java. He is Maulana Abdulmalik Israel which was originally a Jew who converted to Muslim, as written by Kyai Haji Muhammad Solikhin, a scholar who care boarding school in Boyolali, in a trilogy about Sheikh Siti Jenarnya. In fact, in a book written by Ibn Batuta, Maulana Malik said Israel is one of Wali Sanga board member of the first generation, in addition to Sheikh van, Sheikh Hassanuddin and some first spreaders of Islam in Java. Maulana Malik Israel is a mystic who left the tradition of Andalusia, his birthplace, so it does not solely rely on rationalism that had caused the fall of Andalusia.
Maulana Malik Israel with members of the board of Wali Songo spreading Islam until the end of his life. That said, he was buried on a small hill at the edge of the Bay of Banten, Bojonegara, Kab. Serang, Cilegon north. Apparently, the mountain was first selected by Israel as a cleric Maulana Malik are older than Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Sholeh a disseminator of Islam who lived at the time of Maulana Hassanuddin. The hill was located at a location that has a fairly nice point of view to the west so that it can be projected at the time of quiet contemplation. Public mention of the hill with Mount saint. It is said that area is where students learn to teacher scholars.
In the subsequent period, the area was called by the name of Kampong Beji. A village that later became the basis of the resistance movement against the society of Banten Dutch East Indies in the late 19th century until the period of independence. One inspiration was the opposition Maulana Malik Israel, in addition to Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, the main enemy of the VOC.
Inspiration came in several forms, among others, through their descendants spread across almost the entire land of offerings. One of his descendants is Sheikh Jamaluddin who is buried near the port of Merak. Maulana Malik reputedly descendants of Israel to marry by his grandfather from Sharif Hidayatullah. that is, indirectly Sharif Hidayatullah Israili part of him bloody, bloody than Husseini. Impressions of Maulana Malik paid tribute to Israel is mentioned in the genealogy of Maulana Hassanuddin mentioned in the History of the Sultan of Banten, with the name of the Israelites. Inspiration that, other than through genetic blood, is the tradition of prayer that are being said Waseelah in every start of prayer, community hizib or Munajat by Bantam.
Dus, Judaism for Muslims not only by Muslims as the enemy distigmakan pengrusak faith of Muslims, but there is also a Jew who get the honor as the guardian of Islam spreaders in Java

Soy Sauce and Lime

"Alternative medicine" says Salim called it, "When you cough, then drink the lime juice mixed with soy sauce. Meanwhile, if you are suffering from diarrhea and diarrhea, drink a bitter tea that thick"
And alhamdulillah, if freelance clinical trials justify the treatment of these alternatives, the students have felt this for efficacy and usefulness. Zaidun exception. It's been two days Zaidun a cough, and Salim had encouraged him to drink a lemon-soy sauce mixture. However, the virus had yet to cough away from him.

Actually, Zaidun has implemented suggestions from Salim, it's just a different way. If Salim recommend direct squeeze of lime juice mixed with soy sauce, even went to the shop Zaidun Bang Ilham to order fried rice plus ice lemon. Logically, according Zaidun, "Nutrients contained in the lime will not be lost when mixed with ice and sugar sweetener. And at the same time, fried rice Bang Ilham use soy sauce." Ah, there's all kinds. (Msi)

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Bowl Of Hot Noodles

At night, she quarreled with her mother. Because of very angry, she immediately left the house without bringing anything. When walking on a street, he realized that he was ill with the money.
When walking through a street, he passed through a noodle shop and he smelled the scent of cooking smells. He'd love to book a bowl of noodles, but it broke.
Shop owner for a long time to see Ana standing in front of her bar and said "Miss, do you want to order a bowl of noodles?" "Yes, but, I'm off with the money" Ana replied shyly "It's okay, I'll buy you" replied the proprietor. "Please sit down, I'll cook noodles for you."
Not long later, the proprietor was to deliver a bowl of noodles. Ana soon eat a few bribes, and then the tears started welling. "What lady?" Asked the proprietor. "Okay" I'm just thrilled she answered, drying her tears.
"In fact, a new one I know gave me a bowl of noodles!, But,? my own mother, after a quarrel with me, kick me out of house and told me not to come back home " "You, a new familiar, but so concerned with me than with his own mom" he told the shop owner.
Tavern owners after hearing the words Ana, took a deep breath and said "Miss why do you think that? Think about this, I just gave you a bowl of noodles and you're so moved. Your mother was cooking noodles and rice for you when you were little until now, why do not you thank him? And you even arguing with him "
Ana, was shocked to hear things mentioned above. "Why me ill to think about things mentioned above? Org for a bowl of noodles dr new-I knew, I was so thank you, but to my mother who cooked for me over the years, I did not even show concern for him. And just because of trivial matters, I argued with him.
Ana, bakminya spent immediately, and she steeled herself to go home to his house. As I walked into the house, he thought about those words convey to his mother who pronounced hrs. Once in the house doorway, he saw his mother, his face weary and anxious. When meeting with Ana, the first sentence out of his mouth is "Ana you're back, hurry come on in, I has to prepare dinner and eat before you sleep, the food will be cold if you eat it off now. " At that time she can not hold back her tears and she wept before her mother.
Once upon a time, we probably would be very grateful convey to others around us org for a little help given to us. But to blindly org very close to us (family), especially our parents, we must remember that we are grateful to them for life Kita.

Nature Crab

Perhaps many who know the form of a crab, but not many know the nature crabs. Hopefully you do not have a malevolent nature of the crab.
In the Philippines, rural people loved to catch and eat rice field crab.
Crabs were small in size but it's quite tasty. The crabs were easily caught at night, then put into a bowl / container, without bound.
Keesokkan day, the crabs will be boiled and then eaten for the side dish for a few days. The most interesting part of the habit This, the crabs will always try to get out of the basin, their strength, using strong claws-claws.
But a reliable crabber always calm even though the results prey are always trying to escape.
The recipe is only one, namely the hunter knew perfectly well the nature of the crab.
If there is a crab that almost escaped out of the basin, his friends would have to draw it back to basics.
If there is more to rise rapidly to the mouth of the basin, yet another friend will pull it down ... and so on until finally nothing worked out.
The next day the hunters lived and died, they all boil crab flock of envy that.
Similarly, in this life ... we also sometimes unwittingly become like the crabs that.
That should be fun if we have friends or relatives our success even suspect, lest it achieved success To vote by road.
Especially in business or other things that contain elements of competition, the nature of envy, jealousy, or hypocrisy will become apparent and if not immediately we realize we have unwittingly kill ourselves.
Success will come if we can realize that in business or competition is important is not who wins, but more importantly from it how far we can develop ourselves fully.
If we grow, we may win or may lose a competition, but for sure we win in this life.
Sign that someone is 'crab':
1. Always remember the error outside party (could be another person or situation) the past and make it a principle / guideline act
2. Many criticize but no change
3. Hobbies discuss the weaknesses of others but do not know the weakness of herself busy so she just pulled crabs going out of business escape a basin and forget himself.
.. It should have the crabs out of mutual assistance basin, but yah ... I needed a great soul to do it ...
Just think how much time you spend on thinking about ways be a winner. In social life, business, school, or religion. And change the time to think of ways your self-development become healthy and successful private.

Accidental discovery technology

People can plan but God disposes. Thus we often hear the saying, which shows that human planning could be different with God's plan so often happens the results are not in accordance with our will.
But these discoveries, happened by accident and not an actual goal of the inventor. A "Blessing in Disguise" or the grace of God is hidden within an unwanted incident, that's roughly the right expression for useful inventions, which until today we still feel the benefits.
A lesson for us that the bad things in our lives and not expected does not always bring ugliness, but often provide good so long as we stay positive thinking and observant look at other opportunities behind a disaster. Because we never know how "the hands of" God's work helps us.  

1. Penicillin
You may already be familiar with Alexander Fleming, Scottish scientist who conducted research on the attenuated bacteria, called staphylococci or Staphylococcus. The actual incident was when he returned from vacation in 1928, he found one of his experiments had been grown cup of mushrooms, so that pissed him off and threw it. At that time he had not realized that later Staphylococcus bacteria are not able to live in a neighborhood infested fungal mushrooms.
After Fleming examined again and found that fungi can inhibit bacterial growth, he then published his findings but did not receive much attention. Later in the year 1945 after the further research conducted by several other scientists, it is believed that the new penicillin could be produced on an industrial scale, so this will provide a way for the treatment of bacterial infection or inflammation to the present.

2. Microwave Oven
In 1945 Percy Lebaron Spencer, an engineer and creator of America, busy working at the factory magnetron, a tool used to generate microwave radio signals, which is an early form of radar. Radar is an incredibly important innovation during the war, but the use of microwaves to cook food is by accident.

As I was standing near a magnetron which is life, Spencer found that chocolate bars in his pocket melted. His mind was sharp immediately understood that it was caused by microwaves. Then she tried it on popcorn seed and the egg to explode. The first microwave oven weighed about 340 kg with the size of a refrigerator.

3. Ice cream cone
This story is a perfect example of the invention is not intentional, and a rare chance meeting that gave effect to the whole world. And is a nice meeting.
In early 1904, the ice cream served on a plate. Until some time in the World's Fair that year, in Saint Louis, Missouri, two ingredients that seem unrelated to the inevitable connected together.
 Three hundred years later, Charles Goodyear established the company and strive to make useful materials. Previously, he spent seven years, he tried to cultivate rubber material with magnesium oxide, bronze powder, nitric acid and lime adhesive, but still no luck.
Then, on an auspicious day in the year 1839, he cleaned his hands from the spread of powder, which consists of a mixture of rubber and sulfur. And the powder fell into a furnace on fire.
When the rubber to melt, it reacts with sulfur material. This is the first time vulcanized rubber or rubber tires are created, and until now you can sleep soundly in a car because of this accident. 12. X-ray machine
In 1895, German physicist, Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, is trying to find a way to be able to view cathode ray tube glass out of a completely enclosed by a black cardboard. He realized it was impossible but he found something more interesting about it.
He tried to put various objects in front of the device, but the surprise was that he saw the bones in his own hands, then, the results were projected onto a wall. Chest X-ray aware that it can penetrate solid objects as well.
Immediately, he called yahg rays can penetrate it with the name of x-ray or we know also by X-ray - as the name suggests. Today, these tools have become standard equipment in health hospitals.

Learning from a Cocoon

motivation from a chrysalis
Life is certainly full of struggle. If you want to be successful and become a human being too successful then you have to go through a process that sometimes if it feels painful. Do not be like a spoiled child who always wanted to be assisted and served by our parents. Because it is simply not good to form our character and soul in the face of this hard life. In this article I will try to re-tell a story that was very inspiring for us to ponder. This story comes from a very interesting book and had long since I bought, but only I had read some time ago, the book is titled, "half the content of half-empty" by Parlindungan Marpaung.
Here is a quotation:
A child was playing and found a cocoon of a butterfly on a low branch. He picked up the chrysalis and there seems there is a small hole.
The boy was stunned watching the small hole because it appears there was a butterfly that is struggling to free themselves out of the hole. It turned out that the butterfly stopped trying, he seemed already tried he could and it seems futile to exit through a small hole in the tip kempompongnya.
Seeing this phenomenon, the child becomes pity and decided to help the butterfly out of its cocoon. He also took the scissors and began to open the cocoon of the body with scissors so that the butterfly could come out and fly with ease.
Once the cocoon opens, the butterfly came out very easily. However, he still has a swollen body and small. Wings appear to still furrowed. The boy began watching more closely, hoping that butterfly wings are growing so that it can bring the tiny butterflies flying to the flowers in the garden.
Hope lives of hope, of what awaited the child does not arrive. Butterflies are forced to spend the rest of his life crawling around with a swollen body and wings are still lined up and did not develop properly. The butterfly was ultimately unable to fly all his life.
The boy apparently did not understand that the butterfly needs to struggle with his own efforts to free itself from its cocoon. Small holes that need to be passed will force the fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that he'll be ready to fly and gain freedom.

Youth Eight

1. Mark Zuckerberg (now 25 years old / from the U.S.) When creating a social networking site Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg just turned 19 years old. He makes up for Facebook to help build a social network for teenagers in the campus at that time, Harvard University, United States.  
Mark Zuckerberg Now, Facebook is the second largest social networking site after MySpace. Under the leadership of the inventors, this site continues to grow day by day. Millions of new users continue to register every month! 

2. Steve Shih Chen (31 years / Taiwan-US), Jawed Karim (30 years / Germany-USA), Chad Hurley (32 years / USA) Both are the creators of the sites' online video sharing ", YouTube. They founded YouTube in 2005. At that time, 28-year-old Chad and Steve's 27 years old. 

Inventors YouTube In October 2006, YouTube was acquired (taken over ownership) by Google. Value: 1.65 billion U.S. dollars (Rp16, 9 trillion). 

3. Jerry Yang (40 Years / Taiwan-USA) and David Filo (42 years / USA) In 1995, two men were found Yahoo!, The second biggest search engine after Google. At that time, 26-year-old Jerry and Filo 28 years. 

Inventors Yahoo! Last year, the giant company Microsoft had wanted to buy Yahoo!. Discussed the bid value: 44.6 billion U.S. dollars (Rp458, 8 trillion). This plan was canceled. However, Microsoft and Yahoo! Does not dismiss the possibility of cooperation in the future. 

4. Matt Mullenweg (25 years / USA) Matt Mullenweg is the creator of the blog provider site for free: WordPress. He began a new 19-year-old when he began creating bakalnya embryo. 

matt WordPress became famous overnight. The reason, this site easy to use and always updated. Until the year 2008, noted there remained 230 million who accessed 6.5 billion pages by the WordPress that can be seen. Then, there are 35 million additional new post with an average of four million posts every month. Matt, who had come to Jakarta in January 2009 was told he would not sell WordPress into a large company with the price of 'exorbitant'. He also said, not looking for profit of WordPress. The advantage he had got from some companies, it has. 

5. Tom Anderson (38 years / United States) MySpace Tom Anderson released in August 2003. There is disinformation data on age at the time, but various sources say Tom aged less than 30 years old when he created a MySpace.


Tom Anderson
Currently, MySpace is one of the biggest social networking site in the world, competing with Facebook. MySpace has been used for more than 100 million people, with the largest user of the United States comes from the region.
MySpace excess lies in the field of music. When the latest music facilities (ie "streaming audio" for free) was launched on 25 September 2008, only in a few days, there are billions of songs are listened to by its users. The advantage of this leads many people to predict that MySpace could affect the music industry on the internet. 

6. Blake Aaron Ross (23 years / USA) Blake Ross is a young genius who created Mozilla, internet explorer facility. Mozilla released to the public in November 2004. At that time, a new 19-year old Blake!

Blake Ross
Mozilla is then combined with Firefox, the program he created with Dave Hyatt. Then, after that, his name became Mozilla Firefox.
Quickly, Mozilla Firefox received the world's Internet users. He, among others, are considered to be safer and easier to use (compared with many competitors). He also considered able to capture some market internet browser facility, which has been dominated by Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Many people praised the success of Blake Ross. Engineering director of the Mozilla Foundation, Chris Hoffman, said, "In the world of 'Open Source', the position of a person depends on his expertise. And Blake Ross has all the expertise required." 

7. Pierre Omidyar (41 years / France-US) Pierre Omidyar eBay released on September 4, 1995. At that time, age 28 years.


eBay is an online auction site. At first, Pierre makes eBay to help a close friend who wanted to sell a product. However, shortly later, eBay has grown quickly into a very prospective area businesses. Now, eBay is the largest online auction site in the world.
According to Pierre, in an interview, the success of eBay is not free from two things. First, the strong community of sellers and buyers, which amounts to hundreds of millions of people. Second, the values of both the adopted. In business, eBay believes that every man is basically good and every one has an advantage that can be given to someone else. In addition, eBay believes that honesty and openness can bring good to the human self. So, the rules of "gold" eBay is to recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual. eBay also hopes its members can follow the example given. 

8. Larry Page (36 years / USA) and Sergey Brin (35 years / USA) Both Google released on 4 September 1998. At that time, they've aged 25 years and 24 years. "Office" is their first garage.

Google, the search engine that can display any type of information, like many people - especially the students. Thus, only in due time of a few years, Google could be developing very rapidly and reap billions of dollars. Now, Google could be referred to as the number one search engine in the world.
larry and sergey
The success story of Larry Page and Sergey Brin in creating and developing Google has become an inspiration for many young people in this world, especially information technology enthusiasts. They hope to create new programs that are useful for the world community and benefit from financial terms. "Thomas A. Edison once said: 'Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Nothing can replace hard work. Luck is what happens when opportunity meets with preparedness'. People - young people on achieving success not only because they have the talent alone but accompanied also by keras.karena work that we can be successful as long as we are willing to work hard, because God has given extraordinary talent is also on each of us. "
So the people who will change the world ... Good Luck