Friday, July 2, 2010

Learning from a Cocoon

motivation from a chrysalis
Life is certainly full of struggle. If you want to be successful and become a human being too successful then you have to go through a process that sometimes if it feels painful. Do not be like a spoiled child who always wanted to be assisted and served by our parents. Because it is simply not good to form our character and soul in the face of this hard life. In this article I will try to re-tell a story that was very inspiring for us to ponder. This story comes from a very interesting book and had long since I bought, but only I had read some time ago, the book is titled, "half the content of half-empty" by Parlindungan Marpaung.
Here is a quotation:
A child was playing and found a cocoon of a butterfly on a low branch. He picked up the chrysalis and there seems there is a small hole.
The boy was stunned watching the small hole because it appears there was a butterfly that is struggling to free themselves out of the hole. It turned out that the butterfly stopped trying, he seemed already tried he could and it seems futile to exit through a small hole in the tip kempompongnya.
Seeing this phenomenon, the child becomes pity and decided to help the butterfly out of its cocoon. He also took the scissors and began to open the cocoon of the body with scissors so that the butterfly could come out and fly with ease.
Once the cocoon opens, the butterfly came out very easily. However, he still has a swollen body and small. Wings appear to still furrowed. The boy began watching more closely, hoping that butterfly wings are growing so that it can bring the tiny butterflies flying to the flowers in the garden.
Hope lives of hope, of what awaited the child does not arrive. Butterflies are forced to spend the rest of his life crawling around with a swollen body and wings are still lined up and did not develop properly. The butterfly was ultimately unable to fly all his life.
The boy apparently did not understand that the butterfly needs to struggle with his own efforts to free itself from its cocoon. Small holes that need to be passed will force the fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that he'll be ready to fly and gain freedom.

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