Friday, July 2, 2010

Life is a choice

There are two plants that spread seeds on a fertile field. Seedlings first said, "I want to grow up, I want to set akarku dalam2 in this soil and hard soil above menjulangkan tunas2ku this. I want to spread all tunasku to say hello spring. I want to feel the warmth of the sun and the softness of the morning dew in pucuk2 daunku "... And the seeds of rose growing, more looming ...
Seedlings of both humming ... "I'm afraid, if kutanamkan akarku into this land, I do not know what's going to meet very dark under there sana.Bukankah? And if kuteroboskan tunasku upwards, not later tunas2ku beauty will be lost? Tunasku this must will terkoyak.Apa would happen if tunasku open, and siput2 tried to eat it? And surely if I grew up and broke, all the children will try to mencabutku from the ground. No! It would be better if I wait until everything is safe "... and seeds rose waiting in solitude.A few weeks later a chicken scratching the ground, find the seeds of both earlier and menaploknya immediately.
Indeed there was a choice in life. There's always lakon2 should we live. But often we are in kepesimisan, terror, doubt, kebimbangan2 we've created yourself. We often lulled by alasan2 to not want to go, do not want to look alive.Because life is a choice, then let's face it bravely .. And because life is a choice, so choose wisely ...

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