Friday, July 2, 2010

A bowl of Meatballs

Narrated, usually at the Princess's birthday, the mother must be busy in the kitchen to cook and serve food favorite. Just when the wait, how disappointed the heart of the princess, the table is empty, does not seem the slightest shadow of his favorite food is available there. Princess upset, angry and annoyed.
"Huh, my mother no longer care about me anymore. It does not remember his own son's birthday, really outrageous," he muttered to himself. "This is all thanks must Adinda sick last night so the mother forgot your birthday and my favorite food. Basic spoiled child!"
Wait until the afternoon, the house does not seem to care anymore. No one to congratulate, kiss, or maybe give him a gift.
With feelings of anger and sadness, the Princess had left home just like that. Empty stomachs and minds filled with aggravation make it run at random. We pass a cart selling meatballs and smell delicious, Princess suddenly realized how hungry stomach! He stared at the clouds of smoke above the bowl of meatballs.
"Want to buy a meatball, neng? Just sit in," said the repairman meatballs.
"Want, bang. But I do not have any money," she blushed.
"What if today's brother treat you? Sit down, brother siapin noodles are super tasty meatballs."
Princess was soon sitting on the inside.
Suddenly, he's not power back tears, "Why, why are you crying, neng?" asked the elder brother.
"I can remember my mother, delighted. ... Actually, today's my birthday. In fact, brother, I did not know, who fed me. My own mother can not remember my birthday, let alone give my favorite food. I am sad and disappointed, bang .
"Neng beautiful, new brother once gave food can make aja neng was moved to tears. LHA, whereas mothers and fathers neng, who give us food every day, from infancy through segede this neng, neng never touched anything like this? Do not ngeremehin own parents neng , Myspace nyesel you know. "
Princess immediately realized, "Why did I never think like that?"
After spending a lot of food and say thank you, my lady hurried away. Arriving home, his mother greeted with a warm hug, looking worried and relieved,
"Princess, where are you from this day, the mother did not know where to find you. Princess, happy birthday ya. Mother has made all the Princess's favorite food. Women must be hungry right? Come enjoy all that."
"Mom, I'm sorry lady, ma'am," the Princess cried and regret in her mother's arms. And that makes Princess increasingly sorry, apparently also present in the house of good friends and uncles and aunts. It turns out the Princess's mother made a surprise party for her beloved daughter.
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When we get help or accept gifts from anyone else no matter how small, often we are so happy and forever grateful. Unfortunately, sometimes the unconditional love and care given by parents and relatives did not appear in our eyes. Like a parent obligation to always be in a position ready to help, anytime.
In fact, if it is not met, we immediately sentenced, not compassion, that does not understand the child alone, or hit by feeling sad, angry, and disappointed that only hurt yourself. And for that, we need to study and learn self-control, so that we can live in harmony with the family, parents, siblings and with other communities. Source:

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