Friday, July 2, 2010

5 Tailed Macaque

monkeys in the reviews, netDalam a study conducted by professors in the USA, there are two monkeys are put in one empty room in a joint-second. We call it the monkey Monkey A and B. Inside the room there is a pole, and above the pole appears to some ripe bananas. What will be done by the second monkey in your opinion?
After familiarize themselves with the environmental situation in the room, they began trying to reach the banana-second. Monkey A's first-two tried to climb the pole. Once the monkeys were in the middle pole of A, the professor splash water at him, so terpleset and fall. A monkey tried again, and sprayed, fell again, so many monkeys A two until finally giving up. Next turn trying to monkey B experienced similar incidents, and finally gave up as well.
Next into the room included a monkey C. Interestingly, the professors will no longer spray the monkey if they go up. Once the monkey C begin to touch the pole, he was immediately drawn by the monkeys A and B. They tried to prevent, to monkey C did not have `bad luck 'as they do. Because prevented continued and given advice about the dangers when trying to climb upward, finally scared monkeys C and never climb again.
The next step is done by professors is the issue monkeys A and B, and incorporates the monkeys D and E. Just like the monkey-2 before, monkeys D and E are also interested in the banana and tried to climb over the pile. Monkey C prevents both spontaneous direct order not to ride. "Hey, why are we not allowed to ride?" Protested both. "
There are two friends who told me, that rose to the top is dangerous. I also do not know, what's above, but better play it safe, do not up deh "explained monkey C.
Monkey D believed and did not dare go up, but not so with the E monkeys that are recalcitrant. "I want to know, hazards such as what the heck, that was on ... And if there is a danger, yes I can not cook to avoid it?" Stressed monkeys E. Although the monkey was prevented by C and D, E reckless monkey ride ...
And because it was not sprayed again, monkey E can reach the d iinginkannya bananas ... ..
Which among the above character which describes your current behavior?
Character A and B are people who have done something, and failed. They therefore give up, never do it again, and try to teach others about the failures. They do not want other people also fail to like them. Character C and D, are those who receive guidance from others, these two what not to do, and they obey him without daring to try it for yourself. The character E is the type of people who do not easily believe in something, before they try it for yourself. They also dare to oppose the flow and risk can be achieved as long as they desire.
Bananas in the story above illustrates our dreams. Every person in this life have high dreams about his future. But unfortunately, a lot of things that are happening around us, causing our dreams buried. Those two characters ABCD will tell us things like this-two, "Please, do not do the job worth the two like that. Useless. I've always done it many second and failed. As a good friend, I do not want you to fail like me "or perhaps the phrase" Do you want to fail like the X ... better do something that would surely be-deh ". Are not these two like it that we often hear day-to-2?
People with character E will always think optimistically in running things. "Even if others fail to do something, not necessarily I'm also going to fail" is a force that is always pumping his motivations.
And failures of others can be learned and used as a springboard to move better, rather than used as a fear.
Well, I'll give one more illustration. I will bring you to the 70s. What would you do if one day there was a college student in jeans, thick glasses, nerdy-looking, tattered clothes, came to see you and say "I've got a good product, but I do not have the capital. Pinjamin not want my 100 dollars in capital? If this product is successful, we're both going to be the richest man in the world lho. "
Almost all students would be insulting and ridiculing TSB, maybe even consider it crazy.
How many people will say "Wow, very good, try to explain what your plans, so that we can be just as rich-two?" Maybe one person among a million, may not exist.
What if I say that the student is Bill Gates, who has now achieved his dream of becoming the richest man in the world?
Is not that Bill Gates had done early in his career. Surrounded by the type ABCD, rejected, ridiculed, and various other insults. Fortunately, Bill Gates among those with the character E. And with the sacrifice and hard work, he managed to achieve his dream.
"Do not let anyone kill your dreams. Go forward, confront all obstacles and achieve your dreams."

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