Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maulana Abdulmalik Israel: Jewish Land of Islam Spreader Java

Jewish. One word that became a curse for Muslim conspiracy, not just fundamentalists, but also a traditionalist. Any culture that is seen as something that undermined the Islamic tradition is always associated with efforts to weaken the faith of Jews in Muslim society. Similarly, Martin Van Bruinessen said in a speech delivered at the Institute of Interfaith Dialog (DIAN), Yogyakarta in 1993.
However, we know that there is an ethnic Jew born in Andalusia in the fifteenth century AD is one of the spreaders of Islam in Java. He is Maulana Abdulmalik Israel which was originally a Jew who converted to Muslim, as written by Kyai Haji Muhammad Solikhin, a scholar who care boarding school in Boyolali, in a trilogy about Sheikh Siti Jenarnya. In fact, in a book written by Ibn Batuta, Maulana Malik said Israel is one of Wali Sanga board member of the first generation, in addition to Sheikh van, Sheikh Hassanuddin and some first spreaders of Islam in Java. Maulana Malik Israel is a mystic who left the tradition of Andalusia, his birthplace, so it does not solely rely on rationalism that had caused the fall of Andalusia.
Maulana Malik Israel with members of the board of Wali Songo spreading Islam until the end of his life. That said, he was buried on a small hill at the edge of the Bay of Banten, Bojonegara, Kab. Serang, Cilegon north. Apparently, the mountain was first selected by Israel as a cleric Maulana Malik are older than Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Sholeh a disseminator of Islam who lived at the time of Maulana Hassanuddin. The hill was located at a location that has a fairly nice point of view to the west so that it can be projected at the time of quiet contemplation. Public mention of the hill with Mount saint. It is said that area is where students learn to teacher scholars.
In the subsequent period, the area was called by the name of Kampong Beji. A village that later became the basis of the resistance movement against the society of Banten Dutch East Indies in the late 19th century until the period of independence. One inspiration was the opposition Maulana Malik Israel, in addition to Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, the main enemy of the VOC.
Inspiration came in several forms, among others, through their descendants spread across almost the entire land of offerings. One of his descendants is Sheikh Jamaluddin who is buried near the port of Merak. Maulana Malik reputedly descendants of Israel to marry by his grandfather from Sharif Hidayatullah. that is, indirectly Sharif Hidayatullah Israili part of him bloody, bloody than Husseini. Impressions of Maulana Malik paid tribute to Israel is mentioned in the genealogy of Maulana Hassanuddin mentioned in the History of the Sultan of Banten, with the name of the Israelites. Inspiration that, other than through genetic blood, is the tradition of prayer that are being said Waseelah in every start of prayer, community hizib or Munajat by Bantam.
Dus, Judaism for Muslims not only by Muslims as the enemy distigmakan pengrusak faith of Muslims, but there is also a Jew who get the honor as the guardian of Islam spreaders in Java

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