Friday, July 2, 2010

Now CAN HAVE .....

In a fishing village, one morning, a professor of business vacationing met a fisherman who was cleared catch. The professor could not help but say hello, "Hey, why do you finish work early?" "I've caught quite a lot of fish, sir, "replied the fisherman," enough to eat family and there are still remaining to be sold. "
"Then, after this what you want?" asked professor again. Replies the fishermen, "After this I wanted to have lunch with his wife and children I, after a short nap, then I would play with children. After dinner, I'm going to shop, joking while playing guitar with friends. "
"Listen buddy," said the professor, "if you still go to sea until afternoon, you can get twice the haul. You can sell more fish, save money, and after nine months you will be able to buy a new boat is greater. Then, you will could catch fish four times as much. Just think, how many money would you be! "
Advanced professor, "In a year or two you will be able to buy a boat again, and you can hire more people. If you follow the concept of These businesses, in five years you will be fishing fleet skipper large. Just imagine! "
"If it was that big, you should move your office to the capital. Several years later, your company could 'go public', you can be majority of investors. Guaranteed, you will be a big millionaire! Believe! I am a professor at the renowned business school, I was an expert matters like this! "
With amazement, the fisherman who listened to a full professor that spirit. When the professor finished explaining, the fishermen asked, "But Mr. Professor, what can I do with the money that much? "
Oops! Strangely the professor had not thought that far business concept. Quickly she romanticize what someone can do with money that much.
"Friend: If you become a millionaire, you can retire. Yes! Early Retirement lifetime! You can buy a small villa in the beautiful coastal village like this, and bought a boat to tour the sea on the morning days. You can eat with your family every day, relax without worrying about anything. You have a lot of time with your children, and after dinner you can play guitar with your friends in a stall. Yeaaa, with that much money, you can retire and your life so easy!
"But, Mr. Professor, do this: now I can so softly ...," the fisherman with innocence.
Moral messages: Why do we believe that we have worked so hard and become rich first, and we can feel wealthy? Whether there is "a more noble purpose" of what you lakoni today? Is it really worthy cause or just an excuse to fear become what it is? To feel affluent, what are currently not can?

"ENJOY LIFE THIS IS ANY, we must always GRATITUDE BECAUSE bounties and blessings GOD "..
Enjoy Your Life, guys!

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