Friday, July 2, 2010

Should I complain?

I remember the experience long ago, when I have not received as God's blessing blindness. Because often experience things that I find painful both physically and mentally from the lack of sharpness of this eye (which is actually a gift from God as well), so I often "protest" Him and accompanied by complaints to yourself and live.
Until one day the Lord sends someone who is aware of me, how I have a lot of thanks God, how I did not deserve to complain. She's a woman 21 years, let's call him "Bela" (not real name). Bela came to me with the nuns pedampingnya to learn braille. That makes me feel small and should be grateful is; Bela (by accident) is not only blind, he was also a wheelchair user, his hands numb (I forget the medical term, a kind of lost feeling when holding objects). Though the main requirement to recognize letters that arises is the sensitivity of our fingers. however, enthusiasm for learning braille exceeding even the steel hardness.
Several months later, Bela's mother came to me and told me the spirit of Bela while menitikan tears. "My mother never forbade him from continuing to learn Braille, but I do not have the heart to see how to learn", so says Mrs. Bela that I remember. "So how did he learn ma'am", I asked.
Bela's mother recalled that she often saw Bela dikamarnya'm kissing the paper arise. At first she thought that Bela Bela're smelling paper. Habits that lasts several days, until finally Mrs. Bela know. "Because Bela difficult to use his finger to learn braille, so he uses his mouth as a means of touch", Ms Bela explained, haltingly.
Truly remarkable woman. I am ashamed of Defense, on yourself and God. In such circumstances, Bela never complained. In fact he often gathered with friends in some wheel-seat restaurant. She is leading a full life with simple. "Shall I complain," in my heart. I still have legs that can run, there fingers that can read the letter braillle, still can write and send this email independently.

Dear friends, we'd be out of "feeling" miserable, mederita, sick dlll, if we can be thankful. can accept ourselves what it is. I hope so too all my friends. So, if my friends hard to understand and comprehend a book after reading it, do not complain. Keep bersuyukur, because there is a mailing list like my friend to read a book must pass several stages; (1) Books in hard-copy files discaning becomes soft. this can last for days, depending on the thickness of thin pages. (2) Once in the edit on the computer, the document was in conversi into braille. (3) The final stage of printing with the embosser (braille printers) using a minimum thickness 120gram paper.
Whatever happened to the current condition, not a problem. When you awaken from your sleep, syukurilah, because you can still see the beauty of colorful ornaments and objects dikamarmu. Remember the same time our friends in Mitranetra, they keep smiling even though the rest of their lives (some people) never saw the light and never even know the colors like you all.
Friends, Love yourself, do you have now, is the best in His plan, greetings 


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