Friday, July 2, 2010

Repeated habits

In China in the days of yore, there lived a famous warlord archery because it has unparalleled expertise. One day, the commander wanted to show to the people of archery skills. Then the soldiers ordered his subordinates to prepare the target board and 100 pieces of arrows.
When everything is ready, then the commander entered the field with a confident, complete with archery device in his hand.
Commander began to draw his bow and arrows off one by one toward the target. People cheered witnessed greatness of arrows shot! Truly amazing! A hundred times removed arrows, 100 arrows right on target.
With faces beaming with pride, the captain said, "my people, behold panglimamu! Currently, there are no unmatched expertise memanahku. How do you think?"
Among the praise words spoken by many people, suddenly an old man menyelutuk oil salesman, "Commander is great! However, it only gained the expertise of trained habits."
Suddenly the commander and all those present looked with astonishment and wonder, what those words mean old oil seller. Oil handyman replied, "Wait a minute!" As he moved from his place, he took an ancient China coins with holes in the middle. Coins were placed above the mouth of the bottle empty oil jug. With full confidence, the seller took the bucket full of oil containing oil, and then poured from above through a small hole in the middle of this coin jar until the bottle is filled. Remarkably, no drop of oil on the surface of the coin!
Commander and the people stunned. Merela cheered watch demonstrations of expertise of the suppliers of oil. With great humility, bowed oil workers saluting in front of the commander while making a wise sentence, "That's just the expertise gained from a trained habit! Habits are repeated continuously in labor skills."
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From this story, we can take one lesson is: what an extraordinary force of habit. Habit is power!
Results from a trained habit can make something difficult becomes easy and what is impossible becomes possible.
Similarly, to get success in life, we need a successful character. And the characters can only be established through the successful habits such as positive thinking, enthusiasm, optimism, discipline, integrity, responsibility, and so forth.
Let's get ready to train, nurture, and develop successful habits of thinking and mentality is continual success. Thus, a successful character that has formed at the summit will bring us success in every struggle of our lives. Once again: Habits are repeated continuously, will bear expertise!

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