Friday, July 2, 2010

Nature Crab

Perhaps many who know the form of a crab, but not many know the nature crabs. Hopefully you do not have a malevolent nature of the crab.
In the Philippines, rural people loved to catch and eat rice field crab.
Crabs were small in size but it's quite tasty. The crabs were easily caught at night, then put into a bowl / container, without bound.
Keesokkan day, the crabs will be boiled and then eaten for the side dish for a few days. The most interesting part of the habit This, the crabs will always try to get out of the basin, their strength, using strong claws-claws.
But a reliable crabber always calm even though the results prey are always trying to escape.
The recipe is only one, namely the hunter knew perfectly well the nature of the crab.
If there is a crab that almost escaped out of the basin, his friends would have to draw it back to basics.
If there is more to rise rapidly to the mouth of the basin, yet another friend will pull it down ... and so on until finally nothing worked out.
The next day the hunters lived and died, they all boil crab flock of envy that.
Similarly, in this life ... we also sometimes unwittingly become like the crabs that.
That should be fun if we have friends or relatives our success even suspect, lest it achieved success To vote by road.
Especially in business or other things that contain elements of competition, the nature of envy, jealousy, or hypocrisy will become apparent and if not immediately we realize we have unwittingly kill ourselves.
Success will come if we can realize that in business or competition is important is not who wins, but more importantly from it how far we can develop ourselves fully.
If we grow, we may win or may lose a competition, but for sure we win in this life.
Sign that someone is 'crab':
1. Always remember the error outside party (could be another person or situation) the past and make it a principle / guideline act
2. Many criticize but no change
3. Hobbies discuss the weaknesses of others but do not know the weakness of herself busy so she just pulled crabs going out of business escape a basin and forget himself.
.. It should have the crabs out of mutual assistance basin, but yah ... I needed a great soul to do it ...
Just think how much time you spend on thinking about ways be a winner. In social life, business, school, or religion. And change the time to think of ways your self-development become healthy and successful private.

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