Friday, July 2, 2010

Mother Messages

One day, appeared a young man rushed into a restaurant because of hunger since the morning before breakfast. After ordering food, cake peddler approached a child, "Om, Om bought cake, still warm and tasty!"
"No Brother, I just want to eat rice," said the young man refused.
Smiling, the boy was gone and waited outside the restaurant.
Seeing the young man had finished eating the food, the boy walked over and handed him the cake. The youth as he headed for the cashier to pay for food said, "No Brother, I'm already full."
While continuing to follow the boy, the boy said, "The cake can be made by-the home, Om."
Wallet that had not yet entered into any opening of the bag again. Issuance of two sheets of thousands and he handed the child a cake seller. "I do not want cake. Money is just take alms from me."
Gladly received the money. Then he hurried out of the restaurant, and give gift money to the beggars who had been in front of the restaurant.
The youth watched carefully. He was surprised and slightly offended. He was immediately rebuked, "Hey little brother, why the money you give to someone else? You sell it for money. Why after the money is in your hands, instead you give to the beggar that?"
"Om, I apologize. Do not be angry ya. My mother taught me to earn money from selling the business on his own merit, instead of begging. The cakes were made by my own mother and mother would be disappointed, angry, and sad, if I receive money from the Om is not the result of selling cakes. Last Om said, money for alms, then the money I give to panhandlers. "
The young man nodded his head, amazed and understand signs. "Okay, how many cakes you brought? My entire stock of all for by-by." The child was soon happily counting.
Handing the money the young man said, "Thanks Sis, for today's lesson. Convey my greetings to your mother."
Although not understand about what lessons the young man, happily received the money as he says, "Thank you, Uncle. Mrs. I will definitely thrilled, his hard work is appreciated and it was very meaningful to our lives."
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This is an illustration of the positive attitude of life struggles and honorable. Despite their poor possessions, but mentally they are rich! Addressing poverty is not to beg and ask for compassion from others. But with hard work, honesty, and Drudge.
If every human being willing to train and develop the mental wealth in this life, sooner or later mental wealth we already have that will crystallize into character, and character that will become the embryo of the true success that we can carve beautifully. Source:

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