Friday, July 2, 2010


There are two things that chum of iron and water. Iron is often proud of herself. He often boasted to his friend: "Look it's me, strong and hard. I do not like you are weak and soft" water only hear silent companions behavior.
One day iron challenging water race to penetrate a cave and overcome all obstacles that were there. The rule: "If anyone can pass through the cave to survive without injured then he wins" Iron and water begins to race: Their first obstacle is that they have to go through the cave guards that the stones are hard and sharp. Iron began to show his strength, he rammed himself into the rocks because of its hardness itu.Tetapi rocks crumbling besipun attacked and injured here and there a lot because it was against the rocks.
Doing his job he dripped water little by little to combat the rocks, he rocks gently scrape it so that debris does not interfere and did not realize it, he just needed it to punch through but do not destroy the other.
Water and iron score 1: 0 for this obstacle. Their second obstacle is that they must pass through various narrow gap to get to the bottom of the den. Iron felt his power, he transformed himself into a powerful drill and he starts running to penetrate the cracks. But the gaps were apparently quite difficult to penetrate, the harder it rotates the gap is getting destroyed but he himself is also getting injured.
Water with a casualness to transform themselves follow the form of the cracks. He is relaxed and flowing form that can be changed because he could be without injured running freely through the cracks and arrived quickly based cave. Water and iron second score: 0
The third obstacle is that they should be able to pass through a valley and arrived outside the cave iron difficulty overcoming this obstacle, he did not know what to do, finally he said to water: "we are Score 2: 0, I'll admit kehebatanmu if you can get through the last hurdle this! "
Third part he quickly pooled real difficulties to overcome these hurdles, but then he let the sun help to evaporate. He flew with the light into a cloud, and then he asked the help of the wind to blow kesebarang and mengembunkannya. Then the water fell as rain. Water won a landslide victory over three-iron, with a score: 0.
Make your life like water. He can get something with a softness without damaging and confusing because it moves slowly but it can penetrate hard rock. Remember a person's heart can only be opened with gentleness and love not by coercion and violence. Violence only causes resentment and coercion only generate a desire for self-defense.
Water is always changing its form in accordance with its surroundings, he was flexible and not rigid, so he can be accepted by the surroundings and there is no conflict with him. Water not desperate, he will still flow even through the smallest gap. He did not despair. And though the water has an impossibility to solve the problem, it still gave the ability to transform himself into vapor.

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